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Product Name: WL-500FA
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Release Time: 2017-11-02 07:04:33
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Miter cutting automatic bandsaw

1.Double liners make saw frame cutting more stable less vibration and prolong blade life.
2.The helical gear reducer with high torque transmission make bundle cutting more fast and efficient.
3.Feeding vise by servo motor makes feeding more precise and accuracy.
4.The HMI control panel system includes 10 preset settings and built-in error detection system.
5.Specialize in pipe bundle cutting, the special designed clamping vise save plenty of time on welding and tying on pipes. The vise can be also changeable for different size of material.
6.Saw bow down feed control by hydraulic precise valve.

7.Blade speed control by motor inverter, chip cleaning by power brush and chip conveyor.

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