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Talking about the common question about band sawing band saw blade

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(一)Metal band sawing machine due to the formation of the elements: 1 metal band sawing machine affected by the impact of the surrounding punching equipment, as well as band sawing machine bolts loosening, affecting the saw frame vibration, band saw...


   (A) due to the formation of metal band sawing elements:

   1. Metal band sawing machine affected by the impact of the surrounding punching equipment, as well as band sawing machine loosening of the scene, affecting the saw frame vibration, band saw blade sawing process suffered by the impact of sensation sporadic pull teeth.
   2. Lift cylinder into the air, or because of poor oil quality, cylinder wear, control valve out of control and other factors, are formed can not be reduced uniform saw frame, showing fight teeth.
   3. Proactive wheels, driven wheels and guided escapement three straight-line accuracy of less than, saw the band can not be straight-line operation, showing left or right and up and down unstable cutting.
   4. Long-term damage to the motor belt aging and relaxation, the operation may present intermittent loss of rotation, the saw blade in the cutting also showed intermittent weak stance, the onset of collapse pull teeth.
   5. Saw guide block showing wear after long-term use, may make the saw band in the cutting process can not be normal straight cutting, so that the band saw unexpected bad elements cause the saw band damage scrapped.

   (B) due to improper selection of teeth formed elements:

   1. Regardless of the workpiece is solid or sawing is still pipe, regardless of serrated or not, free cutting, which can not prevent the formation of collapse teeth tooth sight.
   2. Tooth pitch selection error, big saw tooth sawing small cross-section of the data, there will be pulled teeth appear.
   3. sawing channel, pipe, square tube and other shaped materials, if the feed is not properly handled is the most simple collapse occurs, should pay special attention.

   (C) due to improper operation of the formation of the elements:

   1. The initial feed control out of control, saw the band is not slow and steady contact with the workpiece, the saw blade quickly reduce the impact of cutting, the formation of tooth tip instant overload collapse teeth.
   2. Operation sloppy operation, resulting in the workpiece is not clamping or clamping of the workpiece is not reliable, when the workpiece sawing loose or oscillating, serrated teeth in the indeterminate force forced to fight.
   3. The device sawing belt is not in place, the back of the sawing belt grind the edge of the sawing wheel to make the sawing belt work abnormally.
   4. The new saw with high-speed cutting without the normal run-in, and the feed is too large, the formation of collapse pull teeth, this scenario is in operation is widely questioned, should pay more attention.
   5. Sawing the end of the saw stand uplift, the workpiece is intercepted by the squeeze squeezed into the sawing band to form a rising tooth.
   6. The workpiece clamping method is not correct, the workpiece moves easily attack, causing collapse teeth.

   (D) the following types of undesirable elements may lead to the onset of tooth collapse

   The new saw blade does not run-in, sawing feed is too large, saw tooth with anti-loaded, was cut pieces of slag, hard points, etc., will form a collapse tooth. Saw blade saw band in the process of using the phenomenon of collapse is widespread, its elements may be many. In order to prevent this from happening, we use our expertise and years of accumulated experience to identify and analyze the elements that form the user interface.

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