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Sawing machine should be how to carry out the usual protection

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First, sawing machine maintenance Before operating the machine, sawing machine should also be checked to see if it is suitable for start-up and use If the demand adjustment process w...


First, sawing machine maintenance Before operating the machine, sawing machine should also be checked to see if it is suitable for start-up and use. If the demand adjustment process without treatment, the beginning of the operation may damage the machine or affect the processing quality, let's talk about the sawing machine should be carried out before using what aspects of the view.
1. Check the orientation of the cleaning brush, insist on the removal of the tooth groove and iron filings, adjust or replace the cleaning brush, if necessary. Check the height of the cleaning brush so that the brush touches the bottom of the serration. Can not be higher than the bottom of the sawtooth, this will lead to over-wear saw band or steel brush.
2. Check gearbox and hydraulic tank oil meter position, is not the need to increase gear oil 150 #, 32 # hydraulic oil;
3. Check the cooling water altimeter is not an increase in demand;
4. Check saw the band saw in the main and passive wheels and tungsten steel guide is not the correct orientation;
5. See sawing belt tension adjustment valve, select the appropriate sawing pressure; high-speed hacksaw band maximum tension 55klbs / in2
6. Check Tungsten steel pressure gauge pressure at 30 +2 kg / cm2;
7. Check gear tension belt;
8. Before installing a new sawing band, remove the iron scraps from the flanges of the main and driven wheels (iron filings may accumulate).
Second, just like regular car maintenance needs the same time, after a period of time in the use of sawing also needs to be replaced some of the conservation components in order to Saw normal operation.
1. Steel brushes replace the steel brush can cut the sawdust of iron filings, but also to prevent the iron filings were brought into the sawing wheel or sawing track, if this would form the appropriate serious wear and tear, the saw band It is suitable for the main side. Wrong device steel brush will form saw band or steel brush excessive wear and tear, will also form instability when sawing.
2. Cooling water replacement Under normal use to replace the cooling fluid, the cooling water storage tank must be cleaned every three months.
3. Hydraulic oil replacement Hydraulic oil should not be replaced once in six months.
4. Gear oil replacement gear oil used in less than six months or 1200 hours after the replacement must be.

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